Message from Md. Tariqul Islam Chowdhury

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No matter where you go academically, but you have to be a good and honest person. For the betterment of the country, need a huge number of good and honest person besides educated people.

Established more than 20 years ago, CCN is one of the largest, experienced, promising & leading education families of Bangladesh. Day by day, CCN increases its activities. Now, it has 11 concern institutes including educational institutions, agro farms, training projects, sports clubs, etc.CCN Education Family move forward with a strong and devoted team by following the motto, Not talking, Work; Not tomorrow, Today; Not argument, Logic; Technology for prosperity.

CCN Education Family trying best to contribute to the progress of the development of the country by creating a huge number of skilled manpower. To make the people as manpower, CCN work from its establishment. In the future, CCN will play a vital roll in the betterment of this country.

In the end, I want to express gratitude from the core of my heart to our students, teachers, guardians, well-wishers for being with us. CCN will serve you for a long time in the future with more swiftness.
Pray to the Creator for better health of every member of CCN Family and CCN Family can work for the betterment of the country forever.


Md. Tariqul Islam Chowdhury

Founder & CEO, CCN Education Family